By Olan Emboscado

Braving the wild rapids of the Upper Davao River is something I always dreamed of doing. I have tried tubing and river rafting in the other parts of island but never in my own city of Davao. Thus, when I had the chance doing it for the first time in the city where I lived, I could hardly contain my excitement. Thanks to Davao Wildwater Adventure, this long time dream was made possible.

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Thrilled to experience a magnificent ride into the mighty Davao River, I woke up very early and drove towards Crocodile Park Compound where Davao Wildwater Adventure, Incorporated is located. They are known to be Davao’s authority for river rafting and Davao River is their playground. Like me, excited participants got there earlier than the scheduled briefing. There were around 30, a quarter of which were foreigners. All faces seemed pretty thrilled.

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By the time the orientation started, we were given safety gears to fit – helmet and life vests. During the briefing, were told about some facts and information about the Davao River – the course of river rafting and other related information. Before the briefing ended, we were asked to watch a short video presentation about DWAI, the Davao River and things to expect during the said course. I noticed some of my fellow participants got frightened seeing some rafts capsized for several times. I, on the other hand, felt so exhilarated.

All set and ready, the group including our raft guides hopped on the jeepney and headed towards Marilog District of Davao City. Our target destination is Barangay Tamugan. It is about an hour travel from Davao Crocodile Park. Tamugan River is the starting point of this four-hour wet adventure. From Tamugan River, we will be traversing the long and winding Davao Upper River passing through 24 challenging rapids and end in Barangay Lacson in Calinan District.

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