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Davao Wildwater Adventure is compose of Raft Guides who are very particular about safety and is committed to bring up the level of river sports that Davao City could offer. Each Raft Guide undergoes series of training levels, our first year Raft Guides are required to undergo 50 training runs by Davao Wildwater Adventure Inc. and is evaluated before beginning to guide commercial trips. We utilize classroom and on-river experience to train aspirants in rigging and maneuvering vessels; river flow and hazards; scouting and running rapids; and river rescue and emergency procedures. Our Raft Guides are trained in Basic First Aid and CPR and Swift Water Rescue. All guides are proven and have met the minimum of 50 training runs and 10 hours classroom sessions.

Guiding rafting trips is our passion and every stroke our the guide stick translates to an awesome experience which we want to share on our commercial trips . Its not just about traversing the river but also to bring out its best features regardless of the water level. Davao Wildwater Adventure Raft Guides will take you to a great river adventure that you’ll surely remember for the rest of your life.

It’s not the River, It’s the Raft Guide.