Crocodile Dishes Galore

Be prepared to sample crocodile dishes from farm-bred, licensed to be slaughtered crocodile meat.

Looking at all the dishes that I was about to sample made my mouth water. They all looked so delicious. And knowing that crocodile meat is low in calories, fat and very high in protein made the dishes more appetizing for one who’s trying to lose weight.

For carbohydrates loading, there’s the crocodile rice and the crocodile pasta. The Croc rice was made with bits of croc meat and seasoned with salt and pepper and other herbs and spices.

The Croc Pasta in tomato sauce with bits of crocodile meat, herbs and spices and al dente linguini was deliciously cooked. The linguini was made with crocodile eggs.

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After the amazing show in Tribu K Mindanawan Cultural Village, we walked to Riverwalk Grill for our dinner. We were told that Riverwalk Grill is famous for their exotic foods. Crocodile was mentioned a couple of times and I was actually thinking yaiks, should I eat?

I was hungry then as I only had noodles for lunch that day. As we walked through the restaurant, I saw the chef cooking barbeque. When I got to smell the aroma of the food, I knew right then and there that we would have a nice meal.

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