Show Times

Davao Crocodile Park Wildlife Shows are a must-see in Davao. The incredible connection that bounds the Animals and their trainers is an awe inspiring to uncover the beauty and appreciation to Wildlife.

Through our shows, We Inspire people to respect and appreciate Nature and share their knowledge and enthusiasm. To Lead and Empower people to make informed choices that positively affects the conservation of animals, habitats and the environment.

Check out our show schedule below:


Wildlife show Tips:

  1. Be at the Venue at least 15 minutes before the show begins to get a good seat.
  2. Please avoid using flash photography during the shows that might distract the Animals.
  3. Kindly hide your food when the show starts as they might be dangerous for animal consumption.
  4. For estimated weekend show duration is 45minutes-1hr.

Senior Citizens and Disabled area:

  1. There are reserve seats and wheelchairs at the AGT Arena which could accommodate up to 20 persons.